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Our Products

We use only Phifer Suntex material. These screens have 80% to 90% heat stoppage. They are polyester based and PVC coated. No fiberglass is used. Phifer Suntex 80 and Suntex 90 comes in five different colors. Black, Brown, Gray, Stucco, Butterscotch and Dark Bronze(a black and brown mixture). According to independent studies, Phifer Suntex stops more heat and is stronger than other polyester or fiberglass sunscreens. Phifer has been making suncontrol products since 1957. Phifer Suntex is the #1 selling sun screen in America. The screens will not become brittle, fade or tear like other polyester or fiberglass suncreen fabrics. Phifer Suntex is designed to have a predetermined amount of elasticity to insure it will remain static year around. It won't bag in cold weather or tighten up in the heat of summer like other "knock off" polyester products.

     What frame is used?

We use a true 5/16" x 1" dimensional .024 frame. It is the strongest roll form aluminum frame available on the market. This frame is produced by aluminum screen manufacturing, an industry leader in aluminum roll form frames. It is designed specifically for solar screens. This product costs more but is worth it. All larger windows require this frame. Some companies use a 3/8" frame. It is just a heavy insect screen frame and is not designed for most double hung insulated glass units. It won't fit most major brands of aluminum windows. The people using 3/8" frames have to either "jam" them in at the top and bottom or screw their screens on to your window. Either way, the insulated glass unit is compromised.

Do you offer custom gridwork?

Yes. We custom make all of our grid work. Our grids will fit any shape, size or pattern. This is a service that many companies do not provide.

Can you do special applications?

Yes. We have done dozens of special applications using Phifer Suntex materials. Skylights, glass topped sunrooms, screened in pool or patio enclosures, arbor covers, pet enclosures, etc. Please call with questions on any custom applications. It has been our experience that most other companies either lack the knowledge or product to perform these special services.

The bottom line is that we custom make all of our screens. We don't cut costs. We place a lifetime warranty on all our screens for workmanship and material.

Do not be misled by imitators or people offering you less for "bargain prices". You get exactly what you pay for. Your home is the largest investment you will ever make. You deserve quality work and professional service.

What type of spline is used to roll the screen in?

We use only a serrated .115 synthetic spline. This is specifically designed for our frame. Using incorrect spline is one of the     biggest reasons for poor quality screens. Our spline will stand up to the Texas heat. Many companies use gum rubber that is cheap. Gum rubber will dry out and let the screens become loose and baggy.

What type of corners are used?

We use only solid external corners, not loose internals or non-solid externals. Our corners assure that the screens will stay just the way that they were purchased.

What type of clips hold the screens on?

On all track type windows, we use only solid metal clips. We won't use nylon, plastic or dyecast. Those break after a few months of sun and cold weather. The metal clips won't break. They are held in place with a zinc plated, powder coated 1/4" head tek screw that matches your frame color. We use "top of the line" hardware.

What results can I expect?

Many people experience a savings of 20% to 30% on their cooling bills during the hot months of April through September. While this can't be guaranteed, you will see a huge difference in comfort levels in your home. The solar screens can cut UVA rays by about 85%. This saves money that would be spent replacing expensive carpets, draperies, hardwood floors, etc.

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